4 steps to gain hundreds of followers on your Facebook page

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In this article, we show you the exact method, step by step, to earn hundreds of followers for your Facebook page.

As a reminder, the more Facebook followers you have, the more you will increase traffic to your site to sell your products or services.

The method presented here will allow you to obtain qualified followers- people who live in the countries you are targeting and who are interested in the products or services you sell.

Ready to make your business explode with Facebook? Let’s go

Step #1: Create a Facebook page

It’s obvious, but it’s still worth mentioning.

You need a Facebook page to apply this method.

Here is a tutorial on creating a Facebook page with the latest version of Facebook.

Make sure you have a complete profile (no forgotten photos, descriptions, etc.) before using this technique.

Step #2: Join Facebook groups

To get Likes and followers on your Facebook page, you must find groups interested in your niche.

Once these groups are found, request to join them as a page.

FYI, not all groups allow pages to join.

So, look for a maximum of popular pages to be integrated into a few.

Step #3: Post engaging content (fun, inspiring, educational)

Once you’re accepted into each group, it’s time to post interesting content for those communities.

You can do this by sharing posts already published on your page.

Or you can post new content on each group.

If you are lacking inspiration and need interesting post ideas for Facebook, go to our FACEBOOK category.

Members of these groups will start liking your content within minutes of posting.

Step #4: Invite people who Liked your posts to Like your page

Now is where the magic happens.

Once your post is published, you can view the list of people who liked it.

Next to each person is an “Invite” button that allows you to invite these people to Like your page.

Once this invitation is sent, Facebook will notify each person, asking them to subscribe to your page.

This practice may take a little time, but your subscribers will increase quickly if you post quality content regularly.

If you need an advertising budget or are starting a new page, this is a great way to get your first hundred subscribers.

Do targeted advertising, sponsor certain publications

You are probably already advertising on Facebook, and if this is not the case, know that you can “boost” some of your publications to reach other Internet users.

When setting up the promotion of your post, you can choose to target the following:

the country, the region, the area

gender, age _

interests (probably the most impactful parameter – Facebook lists a vast number of types of goods, and a large playing field is offered to you to target your audience best! )

behaviour (activity on the internet, upcoming birthday, online purchase, etc.)

By working on all these aspects based on your persona(s), you can reach strangers who match the profile of your prospects and thus get new potential fans.

Sponsoring content will significantly impact your content, mainly because you will be more highlighted than if you had not done it.

It is then up to you to propose material that will please this audience and make them want to follow you to be subject to future similar content.

Invite people who reacted to one of your content to like your page

Fast and practical, this method is one of the simplest to use.

When you sponsor content, people outside of your community can interact with it. If this is the case, they will have demonstrated an interest in your brand according to Facebook: you can then “Invite” each of these people to become a fan of your page.

How do you get a lot of likes on Facebook?

In the abysses of the internet kingdom, there are many fantastic stories recounting the exploits of anonymous knights who managed to captivate the hearts of thousands of fans thanks to their only credit card; what bravery!

You will have guessed that we were talking about fraudulent techniques for gaining followers, which abound on unethical websites, offering a certain number of ‘likes’ at competitive prices.

However, as we are friendly, we offer you today a free tutorial, free of charge, without a credit card, just for you, since for us, your success means ours. Based on an infographic from Quicksprout. Let’s go!

Step 1 :

To prevent Internet users from slipping through the cracks of your Facebook page, beautify it and make it attractive so that people do not remain indifferent to it. The French writer and playwright Jean Anouilh said, “Appearances are more than enough to make a world.”. Show him that he is wrong and that we can not only offer content that amazes the retina but also subdued and well-crafted content to your audience.

2nd step :

Use your social network, i.e., your friends, to feed your page with new followers. The impact of the network of friends is often underestimated, but it allows you to gain new followers quickly.

Step 3:

Like the street vendors in the streets of Algiers or the rose sellers during the Renaissance, you must shout loud and clear to make your page known.

The miracle formula, unfortunately, does not exist. However, today, you have access to many social networks and other IT tools, which will allow you to spread the news and bring in more curious Internet users.

Using other social networks like Twitter or Instagram, you can insert the link to your Facebook page and thus direct your audience to it. To get better results, offer a gift (an eBook, MP3, Ebook, etc.) to people when they like and join your page.

Step 4:

Optimize your site by inserting as many Facebook ‘buttons’ as possible to retain your audience. Giving users the opportunity to ‘Like’ your posts and comment and share them will only be beneficial for your page; what’s more, they will feel closer to the page and will not hesitate to share it.

Do not hesitate to show off your number of followers on your Facebook page since it will only strengthen the credibility and visibility of the page, which will attract even more people.

Step 5:

Facebook allows you to make your page known through advertisements that it will insert in users’ news feeds, so why not take advantage of it? Several pages have tried the experiment and seen their follower base explode in a few days.

I prefer quality to quantity. Target an audience that may be interested in what you offer.

Constantly renew your posts to avoid looking like a boring page over time.

Step 6:

Using tools like the Dream Scroll Trigger Box, you can reshape your page so that the ‘Like’ button is always visible as you move across the page or even make windows appear asking to put I like instead of the email.

However, you shouldn’t fall into the trap of just making people click “like” but instead seek to create super fans who will share the content of your Facebook page with their friends.

People are your Fans and Friends because they love what you do. Your voice on Facebook should be authentic to your brand and faithful to you. Be genuine and original in what you offer, and do not hesitate to use all the tools that Facebook or other social networks provide you to make yourself known and boost your audience. How do you get a lot of likes on Facebook? Simply by being original!

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