If you are a user of our website (www.offerplox.com) then you should understand the linking system of our website. The links we are added on our website are only to claim the profits from that. The affiliate link is embedded into the images and the buttons of the product and some web pages so, that they could easily redirect to the official website of the manufacturers and you could purchase the product easily by saving time.

We also request the user to do the search online and make a personal choice of purchasing the product or not. The choice is completely based on users. The purpose of sharing the link is also this could help users to save time. Personally, if you will search about the product first the hard thing is to find out the official website and then you have to go for the purchasing details and we are making easy for the users that they need to click on the button and take directly connect with manufacturing website to place the order.

Information on the website

The purpose of collecting the information is only to understand our users and the behavior of the users we can analyze and share the best supplement articles for them. The data is collected in two ways when the visitor visited the supplement article or he accepts the cookies and policies.

With this data, we easily get to know about our customers and their importance is further help in multiple ways. First, we can know about what product use of want to review, and secondly, this will save time for the users that they can easily review the article and place their order if they want.

User information

The purpose of asking users about the personal question if only we can clearly understand our customer requirements we can better user experience, on the other hand, we are always lead it on the caste made by they want to share the information or not we give our customer that their information is completely secure and we do not share it with the third person.

At the time of ordering the product, this information can help our team to reach our customers easily without disturbing them at all. The gathered information also helps us to specify whether the consumer can purchase the product or not.

The user information is completely safe and secure at our end.


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