More followers on Instagram: It works with these 5 steps!

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Whether you are a politician or a company, Instagram is the tool to gain reach, voters, or customers in 2023 quickly. It’s time for you to make Instagram work for you.

To be successful on Instagram, more is needed to create a profile and post photos. No, you first have to build up a corresponding number of Instagram followers who subscribe to you and follow your activities.

Do you finally want to start your political or entrepreneurial career on Instagram in 2023 but still need to find out who you are? Do you want to get more Instagram followers without having to buy them? In this article, we will show you five tips on how to get more Instagram followers.

Your content as a flagship on Instagram

Your feed and the content posted there are essential to reaching and retaining new followers. This starts with the basics. Use a unique name for your account an appropriate profile picture, and write a meaningful biography.

Make your profile, pictures, and videos appear consistently and recognizable. Also, pay attention to a uniform color scheme with, for example, two to three basic colors and use recurring graphic elements.

Your account will look more professional, and you can get more followers on Instagram.

Also, make the topic of your information clear and stick to it. After all, that’s exactly why your community follows you. Instagram followers often follow you not because of your previous photos but in the expectation that future content will match their interests.

The images on your account should also be in the appropriate format, high quality, and original. If possible, use as few filters as possible. This is one of Instagram’s blank rules.

Also, formulate your captions with numerous keywords. Instagram works with Google, and optimized posts can achieve more reach. This way, you can also reach more Instagram followers.

Also, use hashtags. Many users subscribe to the hashtags and use them to search for relevant accounts on their topic. Take advantage of this opportunity and ensure that your posts are displayed.

Use a niche-specific hashtag to reach an affluent audience and more Instagram followers with the same interests.

Also, research which hashtags are trending. However, avoid heavily generic ones. Otherwise, the competition will be too great, and the likelihood of getting more followers on Instagram will decrease. A hashtag among 100,000 posts, on the other hand, is a real insider tip. It is relevant, but your profile will be preserved in the display of images.

Also, develop strategies that allow you to post content on Instagram regularly. Otherwise, users may drop out, and the reach you have laboriously built up will decrease.

Also, publish your content when your Instagram followers are online. This means your photos stay visible in your account’s timeline and generate more likes and comments.

An editorial plan can be a simple way to upload a regular number of images successfully.

Reach more Instagram followers with interactions

Interaction is the purpose of social networks. The more you communicate and interact with your users, the more Instagram followers will notice you.

Instagram evaluates the interaction level of all users on the platform and promotes more active accounts.

Emotionally told and shown stories are a good way to generate likes and comments and thus reach for your company or your profile.

Actively encourage interaction in your content. Ask followers to like your photos if they like your post. Ask them a question or ask for their opinion on a problem.

You can also participate in challenges that fit your product, company, or political agenda. These usually ask you to post about a specific topic with a hashtag. This way, you can indirectly advertise your profile to other participants and get more Instagram followers.

Regular live videos with short updates, a look behind the scenes, and question-and-answer formats can also give you authenticity and, thus, more followers.

Connect with other accounts on the platform

Follow the right accounts that fit the target group and topic and with which you can interact meaningfully.

Look for so-called Instagram buddies or follow trains. These are groups of users who want to grow on Instagram and reach more Instagram followers.

Promote each other and exchange ideas regularly. Like and comment with each other as much as you can.

Also, include your followers. They should also like the pictures of your Instagram buddies and write comments.

The algorithm will be happy about your interactions on the platform, and you will appear on the Explorer page more often.

Another tip is to follow the users of your competitors. Browse them, like their comments, and comment. Follow and interact with them.

It is best to choose smaller brands with up to 100,000 followers, as customer loyalty still needs to grow.

Of course, you can also start collaborations with other influencers and brands on Instagram. Influencers under 5,000 followers who want to start monetizing their posts could share your campaign or product at a low price.

Get more followers with all the functions of the app

Use all the features Instagram has to offer to get more followers.

The story function, in particular, has now become an important part of content distribution in the app. Some even consider it to be more popular than regular photos and images.

Instagram Stories are the first thing many followers will see on their home screens. There, you can upload various photos and videos as a small slideshow.

This format is often quicker to produce than photos and allows you to show an authentic side of yourself. Show insights into your everyday work, the events you attend, or snapshots behind the scenes.

This way, you can easily give your follower daily input and stay in their memory.

After the success of the short, entertaining video sequences on TikTok, Instagram has also set up corresponding functions in the app. This allows you to produce Reels that can be created using audio, effects, and creative tools.

Make your Reels unique and trend-oriented. The trump cards are composed of compatibility, simplicity, and a balance between information and entertainment.

Adapt successful trends to generate more followers and be distributed to new followers even faster by the algorithm. Here, we will explain how you can create Reels easily and.

Use Reel Insights to identify patterns and peaks in engagement and design your next Reels accordingly.

Place ads to reach followers, more specifically

If you have some budget available, you can also invest in affordable posts on Instagram. This way, you can increase your reach and attract users to your profile that match your target group.

Describe yourself very precisely in these posts. The post should match you exactly, as followers on your account will expect similar things.

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